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About Us

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency, it works in the National Interest to develop good looking and functioning services for all of our employees and guests. The National Archives and Records Administration is overseen by the Board of Trustees, and is managed by the Director of National Archives which is appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Alpha Testers

Alpha Testers are a group of chosen individuals who gain early access to features to test them. During select periods they will be able to use new features, give feedback and make suggestions to the National Archives and Records Administration. The idea is that members of the White House have a say in the websites development.

A full list of Alpha Testers can be found on the Digital Services Portal, which you can read more about below.

Digital Services Portal

The Digital Services Portal was established to provide employees with information about the website, and tools to provide feedback and get support. The service holds information regarding the National Archives and Records.

The Digital Services Portal can be access here.

Child Agencies

The Director of National Archives is entitled to establish "child agencies" in order to group members of the National Archives and Records Administration together.

What are Child Agencies?
In simple terms, they are divisions within NARA. Each agency will focus on a specific area as outlined by the DoNA, and each agency is entitled to a permission group specifically for them.

Current Agencies

We're currently not operating any child agencies.

Dissolved Agencies

  1. Federal Radio Commission - Dissolved 20/APR/2022, the Federal Radio Commission was the body responsible for managing the services supporting the radio, and for monitoring radio activity within the White House.