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Updated: April 19th, 2020

By accessing this website, you accept our use of your data as outlined below. If you disagree with our use of your data, do not use this website.

1. Use of Cookies

We use cookies to allow you to remain logged in for a set period of time, without the use of cookies you would need to re-login every time you accessed the website.

Our use of cookies does not allow us to track your activity outside of and/or any associated subdomain.

You may be subject to 3rd party cookies such as Cloudflare's while accessing this site.

2. Third Parties

We will never sell, distribute, or copy any of the data we collect to third parties.

We may, from time to time, use third party applications such as the google recaptcha to enhance the user experience. In these circumstances you may be subject to their terms and conditions. You are reliable for your compliance with their terms and conditions.

3. Data Protection

We believe any and all sensitive data should be protected in some way, as such we encrypt any and all sensitive data such as passwords and IP Addresses. We opt to record IP Addresses to ensure users aren't operating mulitple accounts. A designated tool is in place for the appropriate users to check if a user is using multiple accounts without exposing any IP addresses.

4. Data Collection

From time to time, you may need to fill in forms or applications - in these circumstances, whatever you enter is recorded. A large portion of the data we collect is used to verify you're only operating one account. We don't record data on users who are not logged in.

Data we record on logged in users includes:

  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  • Your Security Code
  • Your IP Address
  • Your Country
  • Your Browser
  • Your Operating System
  • Any other information you provide in your account settings

5. More Information / Concerns / Questions

All members of the website are free to contact Aaron.5D regarding more information on the data we collect and how we collect it.