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Verified Alts

The Verified Alts Badge scheme was set up to legalize alternate accounts being utilized to raise the population in HQ; there are other benefits to it, though, such as being able to use an alternative account if the primary account becomes banned or compromised. The Verified Alts Badge is created under the Badges Act 2019, which also states that members must have their alts registered on the website before being allowed to join the badge - if you wish to register your alternative account(s) then please click HERE.

To join the badge the following must be met;

  1. Register your Alternative Account(s) through your settings,
  2. Request the badge from your Alternative Account,
  3. Inform the Department of Defense or EOP of your request to join the badge.

Please remember that whilst using your alternative account you must still comply with all laws as you would on your main account when in Habbo White House rooms.

Updated on 06/Mar/2021 11:57 AM GMT by superninja507

Verified Alts

Below are all of the verified alts for White House Employees, users listed here are entitled access to the Alternative Account Badge.

You can add an alt to your account by going to: ME > Settings > Verified Alts

Main Alt Verified
Aaron.5D -Aaron5D- 2 Years ago
NathanFootie NathaNFootie 1 Year ago
NathanFootie Britannia 1 Year ago
trish89 rrish89 2 Years ago
trish89 disnutrish89 2 Years ago
trish89 Haptics. 1 Year ago
Georgia8218 trafficlight95 2 Years ago
Georgia8218 sosij_roll 1 Year ago
m:_:mz umyak. 1 Year ago
m:_:mz [email protected]@? 1 Year ago
m:_:mz MamaMoUmyak 1 Year ago
m:_:mz .myka. 1 Year ago
Martin-: MartinMC 2 Years ago
-Priceless. -Priceless. 2 Years ago
-Priceless. NotAlex. 2 Years ago
-Priceless. Id3ntified 3 Months ago
shanebrekot BluestMonday 2 Years ago
BatandBall pratik2001 2 Years ago
Carrie681 Carrie681alt 2 Years ago
Endorsed- voluttuoso 2 Years ago
Endorsed- belumcious 4 Months ago
Endorsed- archaeological 2 Months ago
iPolarity xPolarity 1 Year ago
iPolarity PotatoDips 1 Week ago
uncry Gareth 1 Month ago
gracejohnny gracebobby 1 Year ago
gracejohnny gracetommy 1 Year ago
gracejohnny graceanatomy 1 Year ago
gracejohnny gracerobby 1 Year ago
Avanzati SecOfJedfense 1 Year ago
Avanzati amazingjax 1 Year ago
Avanzati eyyitsjax 1 Year ago
:QwertyCH @Chris, 2 Years ago
:QwertyCH hardertobreathe 1 Year ago
:QwertyCH adamlevinestan 1 Year ago
:QwertyCH maroon5stan 1 Year ago
:QwertyCH shewontbeloved 1 Year ago
:QwertyCH shewillbeloved 1 Year ago
comitatus Ellies. 5 Months ago
Flame-Of-Furi Flame_Of_Furni 1 Year ago
Peshy07 Peshhy07 2 Years ago
Peshy07 RickJameeees 2 Years ago
zanetheraptor 123d99 1 Year ago
Andrew00. Prononce 1 Year ago
Justln. Justlnjuly28 1 Year ago
Justln. .---..-...-..-. 1 Year ago
Justln. Jeedln. 1 Year ago
TheHarveh MarthaGoneShoot 1 Year ago
TheHarveh TheHarvehBackup 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh WelfareDivision 1 Year ago
TheHarveh TrainingDiv 1 Year ago
TheHarveh WH-SS-TD 1 Year ago
TheHarveh 1 Year ago
TheHarveh TheHabboWH 1 Year ago
TheHarveh WH-RCentre 1 Month ago
TheHarveh 1 Month ago
TheHarveh HabboWH 1 Week ago
TheHarveh WhiteHouseHabbo 1 Week ago
AlastairT alastairalt 1 Year ago
criminalities cr!minalities 1 Year ago
markm779ban ScottishAdmiral 1 Year ago
--Maxitaxi-- Maxi-Pelosi 1 Year ago
zekandevan EvanTheShadow. 1 Year ago
zekandevan XforDoubt 1 Year ago
Nobeliums RogerMarshall 1 Year ago
Flame_xx -Banana 1 Year ago
Joew816 Jwoodywoo 1 Year ago
JoshyTheWashy JTWAlt 2 Years ago
JoshyTheWashy cuhello 2 Years ago
JoshyTheWashy jtwshutup 1 Year ago
JoshyTheWashy ladywashy 1 Year ago
JoshyTheWashy HuntingPikachu 1 Year ago
JoshyTheWashy TescoEmployee 5 Months ago
JoshyTheWashy StrawPencil 5 Months ago
JoshyTheWashy ladyladyman 5 Months ago
JoshyTheWashy superninja511 4 Months ago
DemonBruhhh demonbuhhh 1 Year ago
maytron junetron 1 Year ago
maytron julytron 1 Year ago
maytron augusttron 4 Months ago
maytron septembertron 3 Months ago
maytron decembertron 1 Month ago
Reivindicatio Poekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Woekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Loekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Toekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Roekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Zoekie 1 Year ago
Reivindicatio Foekie 1 Year ago
[email protected] Kevvan96 2 Years ago
Meltnerium SWAGLORD101-Ban 1 Year ago
leslieeee.,.,. leslie-! 1 Year ago
leslieeee.,.,. Leslie-: 6 Months ago
lewu002 002lewu 8 Months ago
lewu002 LewuPate 8 Months ago
lewu002 lewu003 2 Days ago
NoahC500 NoahC501 8 Months ago
-Eils flirtingeils 3 Months ago
-Eils doonwithmen 3 Months ago
-Eils oope-funds 1 Month ago
dygn Simplifie. 2 Months ago
dygn VerballyAbused 2 Months ago
dygn Bloederig 2 Months ago
dygn Voorspel 2 Months ago
reignoff uncrownxd 2 Months ago
Coolvimto ThatVimto 3 Months ago
Energistics walknbook 2 Years ago