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Uniform Policy

What is the Uniform Policy?

White House employees are asked to dress professionally at all times, with SS Low Ranks wearing set uniforms. Uniform rules are relaxed for certain events, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. 

  • 8iC and 9iC ranks must wear professional clothing.
  • 5iC, 6iC and 7iC may wear a slightly relaxed uniform so long as it remains professional.
  • 1iC, 2iC, 3iC and 4iC may wear any clothing as long as it is smart-casual.


What is "Professional"?

Professional attire generally consists of a shirt, tie, jacket and smart pants. However, we encourage employees to be creative and create their own sense of professional clothing.


How do I know if my outfit is unprofessional?

The Executive Office of the President has the right to define whether or not an outfit is unprofessional. In the event that you are wearing something not appropriate for the job, a member of the EOP will simply ask you to change into something professional.


Informal Days

Employees (SS low ranks) have the opportunity to participate in Informal Days, where employees may dress up as they so wish, considering their outfit isn't outright unprofessional - EOP still judges what is professional.

The current Informal Days are on FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS.

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