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Uniform Policy

What is the Uniform Policy?

For iC members:

  • 1iC through 5iC must wear business casual attire suited for a professional working environment
  • 6iC through 9iC must wear professional attire suited for a professional working environment

For Low Ranks:

  • Low Ranks are provided with a set uniform which consists of the uniform provided on the mannequins in headquarters along with a beret indicating their rank. Here is a list of the Low Ranks with their beret colours within their ranks. All beret colours must be Non-HC:
  1. Cadet I-III : Red
  2. Prot. Guard I-III : Blue
  3. Adv. Guard : White
  4. Prot. Officer I-III : Brown
  5. Adv. Officer : Grey
  6. Prot. Detail : Purple
  • Certain eyewear, facial hair, and accessories are prohibited, see the below graphic for allowable accessories:
      Low Ranks - Prohibited Accessories


Prohibited Eyewear indicated with X

Prohibited Facial Accessories indicated with X

Reference Guide

Business Casual - Appropriate business casual attire typically includes slacks, skirts, or khakis, a dress shirt or blouse, an open-collar or polo shirt, and professional shoes. Business casual may be accessorized with the addition of a tie or scarf, a sport coat or blazer, and/or a sweater or jumper, 

Professional - Appropriate professional attire typically includes slacks, skirts, or khakis, a dress shirt or blouse, an open-collar or polo shirt, a sport coat or blazer, and professional shoes. Professional attire may be accessorized with the addition of a sweater or jumper, and/or a tie or scarf.

Within the confines of the uniform policy, individualism is encouraged for every member to make their style unique to themselves and the way in which they would like to express themselves and be recognized within the White House.

Is my outfit appropriate?

The Executive Office of the President reserves the right to enforce the uniform policy to ensure professionalism within the White House. If your outfit is deemed to be in violation of the uniform policy, you will be asked to change.

Branch leaders may also assist the Executive Office of the President in enforcing the uniform policy among their staff to upkeep the professional image of the White House.

Informal Days

This uniform policy is waived during informal days when defined by the Executive Office of the President. During informal days, uniforms are not required by any staff.

The current Informal Days are FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS.

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