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Room Regulations

As per Part 2, Section 2(2) and Section 2(3) of the Code of Conduct Act 2019;

2.2.  The Executive Office of the President shall determine the rules regarding aspects of the Headquarters
2.3.  The rules shall be made public on the White House website to everyone

The Headquarters


The area with the checkered floor, including the area beyond the door guarded by the Marine Sentry bots, as well as the black tiled entryway leading into headquarters from the body scanner shall be considered the Lobby and shall be open to all visitors. Employees, visitors, and allies are not required to wear their badge, uniform, or motto within the lobby, however must do so in order to enter the headquarters in accordance with the law. All areas other than the Lobby and may only be accessed by the employees, low ranks, and visitors with explicit permission by law, be it through an alliance or important badge.

The area on the top left with the Blue Map shall be considered as the Tech Room or the waiting room, and shall be accessible by Trainees as well as holders of the [WH] - SS Trainer ID badge.

The area on the far left with the Glass Doors shall be considered the Gate Control, and shall be accessible by all [WH] - Advanced Training ID badge holders.

The area surrounded by red walls (aka the "Red Room") shall be considered the AFK Room and the LR Room. This area shall be accessible by every employee, low rank, as well as all visitors.

The area surrounded by green walls (aka the "Green Room") and blue walls (aka the "Blue Room") shall be considered as the Meeting Rooms. These areas shall only be accessible to all 9iC+ employees, as well as all visitors.

The area on the far right with the thrones shall be considered as the VIP room/East Room. This area shall be accessible only by 7iC+ employees, as well as all visitors. An exception is made for the 9iC & 8iC members of the branch that wins the scheme "Branch of the Week", as they will also be allowed to enter the VIP/Red Room.

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