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Room Regulations

As per Part 2, Section 2(2) and Section 2(3) of the Code of Conduct Act 2019;

2.2.  The Executive Office of the President shall determine the rules regarding aspects of the Headquarters
2.3.  The rules shall be made public on the White House website to everyone

The Headquarters

The Lobby is the area with the “White Marble Floor” tiles. The Lobby rules will also apply when entering the HQ, in between the 4 White Spaceship Doors. The Lobby shall be open to all visitors. Employees are required to wear uniform and maintain the appropriate motto within the lobby, and have to be made properly aware of it if they aren't. All areas other than the Lobby may only be accessed by the employees and visitors of the White House.

Tech Room is the area with the “Transparent tiles”. This room is only accessible to WH Trainees while they wait for a trainer.

Gate Control is the area with the “Citadel Tile” on the left. This room can be accessed by using the group gate outside of the room and can be accessed by all members of the [WH] - Gate Control ID

AFK Area is the area with the “Citadel Tile” on the right. This area can be accessed by every employee, visitor. 

Meeting Room is the area with the “Cabin Wood Floor”. This area shall be accessible to either 9iC+ employees and all visitors.

VIP Room is the area with the “Castle Floor”. This area shall only be for 7iC+ employees and all visitors to the White House. This room will also be accessible to Employee of the Week & Achievers of the Week.

Event Area is the area that has no flooring apart from when an event is hosted. All employees may take part in events when they’re hosted by members and all visitors and externals may also take part in events.

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