Response Procedure: Room Trashing

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Response Procedure: Room Trashing




1) Identifying a trashing

A trashing will, usually, look like the below image; furniture, including wired, will be placed at random locations, and the wired will likely be ineffective; walls and structures will likely be ‘destroyed’; stickies will likely have been wiped and/or replaced with different text. A severe case of trashing is there being no furniture at all, as if everything has been picked up.

Trashing can be confused with rebuilding or redecorating, so it’s important to check all of the above-mentioned factors. Another factor you can consider if you’re unsure is to check other rooms, as if it’s a Habbo glitch then it could have happened to them, too - if it hasn’t happened to any others, then the chances of it being a trashing have increased.



2) Reporting the trashing

Reporting correctly is vitally important, as you need to include certain information which can be pivotal later on.

The FIRST thing you need to do after identifying the trash is open the chooser by saying “:chooser” (this will only work if you have HC) and screenshot the entire list - this will give the investigator(s) the knowledge of who was in the room at the time.



The SECOND thing you need to do is alert the Board of Trustees, EOP, and HQ Moderators by tagging them all on Discord and/or messaging them over Habbo. When you message them, you need to state that HQ has been trashed, you have screenshotted the chooser list, and are standing by for further instructions.

The THIRD thing you need to do is ask anyone else in the room, or anyone you know who has been in the room recently if they have seen anything suspicious. Asking around and talking to different people can often shed more light on situations by revealing new and important information.


3) Maintaining order

A trashing of any room can cause order to be lost; people can become anxious or even begin to spread false information because they’re not calm. After identifying the trashing and following the above procedures, you need to ensure that YOU remain calm, because only then can you help others become and remain calm. You also need to ensure no one is spreading rumours or making speculative statements, as these may have severe repercussions.

Techniques to ensure this are to inform the individual only of what you know for certain (don’t include speculative or hearsay information), as knowing facts can be reassuring to people. Another technique is to remove the person from the room or distract them with another topic; thinking or talking of something else can easily calm individuals down.

Overall, a trashing is a serious issue and can have a damaging effect on an organisation. If you ever come across a room trashing it’s important that you follow this procedure and remain calm - clarity is an excellent skill.

It is also important to remember that badges (groups) can be trashed too, so if you do come across this situation then the same steps as above apply - except that trashing will look like new and unauthorised additions and/or mass removals, and instead of screenshotting the chooser you screenshot the admins of the trashed group(s).

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