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Engage Page (FAQ)

The Engage Page is designed as a resource for all employees, transferees, and visitors hoping to learn more about our organization! Below is a list of frequently asked questions with written answers and hyperlinks to other pages. If you have additional questions please reach out to the Executive Office of the President!

How do I post a Leave of Absence or Meeting Absence?

  1. Log on to your thehabbowh.com account and click “ME” at the top right.
  2. Select “Leave of Absence” or “Meeting Absence” from the dropdown, and provide your reason before submitting it.
  3. If you require a permanent Meeting Absence, you will have to specify that. 
  4. You will receive a site notification once your LoA/MA has been accepted, so make sure to wait for it!

How do I check my pixel count?

  1. When on the website, click "ME", once a dropdown menu appears, click "Employment and Payments" under the "Employment and Elections" section.
  2. Once on the Employment and Payments page, you'll be able to see your current pixel balance, as well as how much you get paid weekly.

How can I verify my alternate account on the website?

  1. Having your Habbo alternate account linked to your website account will save you trouble if you ever get banned on Habbo.
  2. Click “ME” then click “Settings”.
  3. Proceed to “Verified Alts” on the sidebar and follow the instructions provided.
  4. To view a full list of verified alts:
    1. Click the "LEARN" tab 
    2. Select Verified Alts

How do I safely utilize Discord and the website?

  1. Discord is a free messaging (text, audio, and video) software; you can access it via your browser or download the app on your PC or mobile devices. If you would like to be added, contact your Branch Leadership or EOP for an invitation!
  2. Check out our Internet Safety, Discord Safety, Mafia Protection Guide for additional hints and tips on being safe and protecting your privacy online.

What are White House punishment 'lists'?

  1. Training Kick on Sight (TKoS)
    1. Individuals on this list cannot receive basic training at the Habbo White House. The DoSS and designated SSL can add and remove people from this list.
    2. You can access this list by clicking here. Then select "Training Kick on Sight" in the right margin.
  2. Ban on Sight List (BoS)
    1. Individuals on this list cannot be employed at the White House nor enter any of its rooms.
    2. The President, the Secretary of Defense, and a Supreme Court hearing determine whether a person is added to this list.
    3. You can access this list by clicking here. Then select "Ban on Sight" in the right margin.
  3. National Punishment (NP)
    1. Individuals (or agencies) on this list cannot join the Habbo White House or its allies (Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Weapons and Tactics, Habbo Defense Agency).
    2. You can access this list by clicking here. Then select "National Punishment" in the right margin.
  4. Hiring Blacklist
    1. Individuals on a branch’s blacklist cannot be employed in that branch.
    2. You can access this list by clicking here. Then select "Hiring Blacklist" in the right margin.

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