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Mafia Protection Guide

Section 1) Mafias
Section 2) Identification
Section 3) Communication


The Department of Defense is dedicated to the safety of all members of the Habbo community. This guide, created by amazingconnor with the approval of --Maxitaxi--, aims to introduce to members of the WH a guide to identifying and dealing with members of a mafia.


It is important to first recognise that mafias are a real entity on Habbo, and have been around for a long time. Mafias consider themselves “families” and are bound by code to never betray one another. Mafias are a type of group that is similar to that of real-life mafias, in the sense that their primary purpose is gaining influence and profit.


Mafias work in a similar structure to most organisations, where there’s the leader, the deputy leader and so on. Although, Mafias have specific names for these positions. They are:

Capo/Caporegimes (interchangeable name) report to the Underboss who reports to the Don, whilst the Consigliere is seen as an advisor to the Don (“consigliere” literally translates to “adviser”) and therefore does not command any crews.

Crews, or Regimes, are a ‘branch’ under the family name. Think of this like a family tree, where an entire family, despite being related, can all live in different locations; there’s one primary location for the mafia family, but their crews/regimes can be located in other places. All soldiers and associates belong to a crew, who report directly to the Capo.


On Habbo, mafias may often infiltrate places to inflict damage and remove those that oppose them. OR, they could attempt to intimidate those places for profits. A lot of mafias and the individuals that work within them, although not all, condone and practice Illegal Warfare, which is doxxing, DoS-ing, DDoS-ing, phishing, scamming and other methods. Basically, mafias can be threatening organisations and do not care about who they hurt - as long as they win.

(Doxxing, DoS-ing, DDoS-ing and phishing are explained in the Protection Against Illegal Warfare Act 2020.)


Mafias and their members are generally quite easy to identify. There are several ways to identify them, and these are through their groups and their mottos.

A lot of mafia members will have symbols at the beginning of their mottos, such as this “›♠ÍGÌ♠‹”. Sometimes the letter may be replaced with a symbol, which doesn’t mean anything different - the letter is just an indication of the specific family.

All members will generally be on a group (badge), too - which is a lot easier to understand than some symbols in a motto. Sometimes there may be more than one group, such as one for Made Men and another for Associates. This is an example of a mafia group:



As scary as it can be to imagine, sometimes a mafia may come to you to request coins, or to request that you do something for them, such as resigning your position, trashing a room, trashing a group/badge, closing an agency, etc. To get what they want, they will make threats, and these threats can range from:

  • Saying that they have your IP address;

  • Saying that they have private information on you and/or your family;

  • Saying that they can easily hack into your account;

  • Saying that they can ruin your time on Habbo and expose you/make everyone hate you.


If you are threatened or being intimidated by a mafia then immediately contact the EOP and/or the Department of Defense and do the following:

  • Do not concede (give in) to their requests/demands.

  • Report the user as appropriate.

  • Request an RR holder to remove them if they are in a room.

  • Afterwards, immediately change all of your passwords and ensure all safety settings on EVERYTHING are as strict as possible.

  • Remove all suspicious people from your friend list.

If you have any questions or concerns about certain issues, then please don’t hesitate to contact either the DOD or EOP, or anyone who you believe can and will help you.