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Leave of Absence

Filing a Leave of Absence

To file a Leave of Absence, you should navigate to the My Account & Absences section under your 'ME' dropdown menu on the top-right of the website, then select Leave of Absence.

Under current legislation, you must apply for a regular Leave of Absence more than 24 hours before your absence will begin. Otherwise, the absence will be rejected by your Branch Leadership and you will have to re-file for it.

Leave of Absence Requirements

While employees are encouraged to take Leaves from their jobs at White House when necessary, some requirements must still be met, as written in the Employment Act 2019:

  • An employee can only go on LoA for a total of 31 days within a 60-day period
  • Each Leave of Absence must be between 3 and 31 days
  • The LoA must be approved by a member of your Branch Leadership

However, you may also require an Emergency Leave of Absence. An emergency LoA allows the usual requirements to be waived, but there are still requirements:

  • An emergency LoA can only last a maximum of 14 days
  • The emergency LoA must be approved by your 4iC Branch Leader