Joining a Branch

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Joining a Branch

Senate, Judicial & Secret Service


Low Rank Eligibility

To be eligible to join a branch from being a Low Rank you must first fit the following criteria:

  • Reach the rank SS Protection Guard I,
  • Pass a branch interview,
  • Serve as a Low Rank for 48 hours (2 days).

Once passing the above criteria, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be hired as soon as a position is available for you to fill.

Low ranks who are assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail can not join a branch until their contract with the PPD expires.


VIP/Veteran Eligibility

Members of the VIP ID, Veteran ID, Medal of Service and Medal of Honor may be directly hired into a branch as long as they have not been employed in the last 14 days.



Branch interviews consist of questions related to the branch. You will need to do some research on each branch to find out the information you need to know. The Education Portal holds lots of information that can be useful when joining a branch, simply register an account and use the portal to find out about the branch you wish to join.

Branches may also rate you based on the quality of the answers you give, your spelling, grammar and general way with words so be wary of this when going into an interview.

Interviews are conducted by members of the relevant branch, ranked 7iC or above. If you require an interview, be sure to ask around for 7iC members of the branch you wish to join.

When failing an interview, you have to wait 24 hours before you can have another.


Executive Branch


Task Compatibility

Ranks within the Executive branch are given to people who are best able to complete the set tasks. In most cases, ranks will simply be offered to the people who show the most promise in certain areas. A lot of Cabinet roles now focus greatly on dealing with low ranks, branch members or allies, therefore good people skills are a must have trait.


Application Process

Occasionally the EOP will hold applications for certain ranks within the branch. The Chief of Staff will run applications and present sections of the application to the rest of the EOP anonymously. EOP vote on who's application shows the most promise without knowing who they are voting for, and then that person will likely receive the position.


Department Referral

In the event that a vacant Cabinet position is within a department (such as the Department of State), the leader of the department will be consulted on who they think is right for the role. While the EOP cannot guarantee that their recommendations will be followed, they will certainly be considered and put up for discussion.