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Discord Safety


Discord is our main platform for communication outside of Habbo. It is important to know how to protect yourself and your private information on Discord. This guide will help you with doing just that! If you have additional questions please reach out to the Executive Office of the President!

1. Two-Factor Authenticaion

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a way to ensure that when logging into your account you're required to provide an extra passcode - this passcode can come in the form of random letters, numbers, or both.

2. Enable "Safe Direct Messaging"

This setting offers three distinct options each with a different level of security. The safest option (Keep me safe) will keep most unwanted/inappropriate messages at bay. Follow these steps in order to find the setting:

 Step 1: Click the settings icon at the bottom left of your screen.

 Step 2: Click "Privacy and Safety" in the sidebar.

 Step 3: Select the option that best suits your account.

3. Hiding your Social Media Accounts

When you connect one of your social accounts (such as Spotify, Twitter, etc..) to your Discord, it will show on your profile by default. If you do not want your social media accounts to display on your discord profile, follow these steps:

 Step 1:  Click the settings icon on the bottom left of your screen.

 Step 2: Click "Connections" in the sidebar. 

 Step 3: Click the highlighted button to disable the setting.

4. Friend Requests

Be mindful of the friend requests you are accepting. Think twice before accepting a friend request from someone you do not know or do not feel comfortable with. This person could have malicious intentions.

5.  DO NOT open suspicious or unsolicited links

Some links may infect your device with malware or expose or try and steal your personal information. Proceed with caution when opening any links that seem suspicious. 

6. Blocking Accounts

Sometimes it might be in your best interest to block an account. This will stop the individual from messaging you. To block someone, right-click on their username, then click "Block."

7. Browse Discord's Safety Settings

If you still feel unsafe and would like to further secure your account, go to the “Privacy & Safety” tab mentioned in #1 and look through the various options to customize your privacy settings.

8. Additional Resources

For more information on safety and other hints and tips on how to remain safe on Discord, check out the Parent's Guide to Discord blog!