Anti Bullying

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Anti Bullying

The aim of the Anti-bullying policy is to set out a way of making a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our employees & guests within the White House

Bullying is anti-social behavior and affects everyone, it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the White House, it should be clear that we at the White House to do not condone bullying in any form.


Definition of Bullying

Bullying is aggressive or insulting behavior by an individual or group, often repeated over a period of time, that intentionally hurts or harms. Teasing, name-calling, inappropraite sexual comments, taunting, and threatening to cause harm can be classed as bullying.

Bullying is broken down into catrgories which includes physical bullying - but this is something that is experienced in real life rather than online.


Types of Online Bullying

Verbal -  Name calling, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.

Indirect - Spreading rumours, excluding someone from social groups, spreading nasty stories & publishing offensive remarks on things such as social or forums.


Reporting and Stopping Bullies

IfPicture Bullying is suspected, please report it.

The administrations policy requests members bring any acts of Bullying to the attention of EOP. You are also able to report to any of your branch leaders, who in turn should inform EOP on your behalf. 

EOP should combat all reported incidents of bullying. It is also possible to fight against bullying by suing through the courts. However, as cases can take a while to be scheduled it is generally recommended that you report it to EOP for instant results.


Support for the Victim

Employee’s, veterans, VIP’s and guests will be given support by the Executive Office of the President in whatever way it can be provided.

Depending on how an individual takes it, responding to the bullying in a productive manner can be difficult. In some cases, the buliied victim may find it hard to report the case in fear of being labelled a “snitch”. However the bullying could potentially intensify without external assistance, which usually exacerbates the pre-existing situation. You must first realise you are not to blame for the way you’re being treated.

It is strongly encouraged to seek assistance. Dealing with bullying can be a hazardous terrain to travel on your own, but you don't have to. We are here to help.



The punishment for bullies will vary case by case due to some cases being more severe than others.

Generally speaking punishments will include strikes, demotions or dismissals.
In some more serious cases, individuals may be placed on branch blacklists, ban on sight, training kick on sight, national punishment, etc.


Monitoring & Removing Bullying

Any Employee/Guest that has been reported as a bully will be monitored until such time that EOP deem necessary.

The administration believes that bullying is disgusting and not why we signed up to the White House. We will continue with efforts to promote anti-bullying.