Rank Structure


Rank Structure

This page is a complete list of ranks that can be found within the Habbo White House. The Habbo White House is divided into 4 total sections, these are known as "Branches". There are 3 public branches, the Secret Service, the Judicial and the Congress, anyone that meets the requirements can join these branches. The fourth branch, the Executive, is the branch that houses the Cabinet and Executive Office. Typically you need to have been working in a public branch before you can join the Executive Branch.


  • President [1iC] (Max: 1 user) PRESIDENT 1iC
  • Vice President [2iC] (Max: 1 user) Vice Pres. 2iC
  • Chief of Staff [3iC] (Max: 1 user) CHIEF OF STAFF 3iC
  • Deputy Chief of Staff [4iC] (Max: 2 users) DCOS 4iC
  • National Security Advisor [4iC] (Max: 1 user) NAT. SEC. ADV. 4iC
  • Attorney General [5iC] (Max: 1 user) ATTORNEY GEN. 5iC
  • Director of Legislative Affairs [5iC] (Max: 1 user) DIR. OF LEG. AFFRS. 5iC
  • Secretary of Defense [5iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF DEFENSE 5iC
  • Secretary of State [5iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF STATE 5iC
  • Secretary of the Treasury [5iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF TRSRY. 5iC
  • Senior Advisor [5iC] (Max: 1 user) SEN. ADV. 5iC
  • White House Counsel [5iC] (Max: 1 user) WH Counsel 5iC
  • Deputy Attorney General [6iC] (Max: 1 user) DEP. ATT. GEN. 6iC
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense [6iC] (Max: 1 user) DEP. SEC. DEF. 6iC
  • Deputy Secretary of State [6iC] (Max: 1 user) DEP. SEC. OF STATE 6iC
  • Director of Communications [6iC] (Max: 1 user) DIR. OF COMMS. 6iC
  • Director of Public Engagement [6iC] (Max: 1 user) DIR. OF PUB. ENG. 6iC
  • Secretary of Commerce [6iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF CMRC. 6iC
  • Deputy Director of Communications [7iC] (Max: 1 user) DEP. COMMS. DIR. 7iC
  • Deputy Director of Public Engagement [7iC] (Max: 2 users) DDoPE 7iC
  • Secretary of Homeland Security [7iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF HLS. 7iC
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs [7iC] (Max: 1 user) SEC. OF VET. AFF. 7iC


  • Speaker of the House [4iC] (Max: 1 user) HOUSE SPEAKER 4iC
  • President Pro Tempore [5iC] (Max: 1 user) PRES. PRO. TEMP. 5iC
  • Clerk of the House [6iC] (Max: 1 user) House Clerk 6iC
  • Secretary of the Senate [6iC] (Max: 1 user) SENATE SEC. 6iC
  • House Majority Leader [7iC] (Max: 1 user) HS. MAJ. LEADER 7iC
  • House Majority Whip [7iC] (Max: 1 user) HS. MAJ. WHIP 7iC
  • Senate Majority Leader [7iC] (Max: 1 user) SEN. MAJ. LEADER 7iC
  • Senate Majority Whip [7iC] (Max: 1 user) SEN. MAJ. WHIP 7iC
  • Senator [8iC] (Max: 17 users) SENATOR 8iC
  • Representative [9iC] (Max: 25 users) REPRESENTATIVE 9iC


  • Chief Justice [4iC] (Max: 1 user) CHIEF JUSTICE 4iC
  • Deputy Chief Justice [5iC] (Max: 1 user) DEPUTY CJ 5iC
  • Senior Associate Justice [6iC] (Max: 2 users) SEN. ASSOC. JUSTICE 6iC
  • Associate Justice [7iC] (Max: 5 users) ASSOC. JUSTICE 7iC
  • Solicitor General [7iC] (Max: 2 users) SOL. GEN. 7iC
  • District Attorney [8iC] (Max: 7 users) DIST. ATT. 8iC
  • District Judge [8iC] (Max: 7 users) DIST. JUDGE 8iC
  • Attorney [9iC] (Max: 10 users) Attorney 9iC

Secret Service

  • Director of Secret Service [4iC] (Max: 1 user) SS DIRECTOR 4iC
  • Deputy Director of Secret Service [5iC] (Max: 1 user) DDOSS 5iC
  • Education Director [6iC] (Max: 1 user) EDU. DIR. 6iC
  • Oversight Director [6iC] (Max: 1 user) OVERSIGHT DIR. 6iC
  • Training Director [6iC] (Max: 1 user) TRAINING DIR. 6iC
  • Archives Curator [7iC] (Max: 1 user) Archives Cur. 7iC
  • Intelligence and Events Coordinator [7iC] (Max: 1 user) INTEL. & EVENTS 7iC
  • Staff Director [7iC] (Max: 1 user) STAFF DIR. 7iC
  • Training Overseer [7iC] (Max: 1 user) TRAINING OVRSR. 7iC
  • Community Engagement Officer [8iC] (Max: 3 users) COM. ENG. OFF. 8iC
  • Education Assistant [8iC] (Max: 3 users) EDU. ASSISTANT 8iC
  • Training Mentor [8iC] (Max: 3 users) TRAINING MNTR. 8iC
  • Trainer [9iC] (Max: 10 users) TRAINER 9iC

Independent Ranks

These are ranks that don't fit inside of any branch, but are still considered official employment within the White House. Currently, law restricts this to the one rank below.

  • Director of National Archives [4iC]
    DIR. OF NA 4iC