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The Office of Communications is the office that is responsible for maintaining a consistent flow of news for the White House, whether that would be through the bi-weekly Tribune, through Press Releases. The Office of Communications is also posting across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The department also views petitions and archives them with reason. 

The Office of Communications is led by the Director of Communications and co-led by the Deputy Director of Communucations.

laurenf0 is the current Director of Communications. The position holds sixth in-command and is a member of the Executive Office of the President.

The Deputy Director of Communications is vacant right now, not accepted applications at the moment. 

Responsibilities of the OoC include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating graphics for use by the Administration and any other departments, and or branches,

  • Publishing articles on the website,

  • Writing and releasing the Tribune,

  • Maintaining a regular podcast,

  • Any other duties mandated by law or the administration.


The Media Corps is split into three teams. Tribune Team, Podcast Team. and Social Media Team. All which are overseen by the Director of Communications.

Tribune Team

The Tribune is a bi-weekly task for the Office of Communications to produce, the Tribune Team are a group of individuals who create articles and help with the production of the Tribune.

Podcast Team

The Podcast Team is a group of people who talk about many different topics for an amount of time. Episodes are released to engage people and discuss different things. 


Social Media Team

Overseen by the Office of Communications, the Social Media Team is in charge of regularly posting White House events and actively engaging with the viewers of all social media platforms. This can ensure we have proper exposure to attract new people to join the organization. 


Independent News

These are independent news sources for the White House that are overseen by the Office of Communications. If anyone would like to post about their opinion about different things, please contact the Office of Communications to get your independent news source featured here. 

the Post - UsernameIsInUse


TMI w/ Leslie - leslieeee.,.,.

Habbo not found!


Engagement Act 2019

Engagement (Structural Reform) Order 2020

Executive (OoC Adjustments) Order 2020



If you would like to inquire about any of the Media Corps, please message laurenf0 (bblauren#6846) on Discord or send a site message.

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