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Department of the Treasury


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Department of the Treasury

About the Department

 The Department of the Treasury for the Habbo White House manages all of the internal finances. The department is led by the Secretary of the Treasury. The Secretary maintains a spreadsheet that has information on all the construction projects in the White House, ensures all the rooms in the White House are suitable and meet our standards and maintains another spreadsheet listing all the payments that our organization makes.

Secretary of the Treasury - JoshyTheWashy

The Secretary of the Treasury leads the Department of the Treasury. They are responsible for the White House’s funds by tracking, managing, and distributing funds as necessary. In addition to this, the Department collaborates with the Office of Public Engagement to collects funds, by doing auctions. The Secretary of the Treasury holds 5iC in the White House.

Secretary of Commerce - OllieSafe

The Secretary of Commerce is the deputy leader of the Department of the Treasury.

The Department of the Treasury also holds Treasury Assistants who help support the Department of the Treasury. The current Treasury Assistants are listed below:

Treasury Assistants
         Martin-:         trish89          -Cess,       :QwertyCH       [email protected]



Performance Pay Schemes



Relevant legislation:

For the "Treasury Act 2019", please click here.

Relevant documents/spreadsheets:

For the Treasury Records, please click here.

For the Funding Requests form, please click here.

For the Estate Records, please click here.

For the Project Fundraiser Records, please click here.

For the Pixels into Credits Transfer Request Form, please click here!

Need to Contact Us?

Feel free to contact us by Messaging the Secretary of the Treasury using Discord or through the Habbo Client Instant Messaging.
Secretary of the Treasury's discord: jtwok#0571 

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