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DEFCON (Defense Readiness Condition) refers to the readiness of the White House during times of crisis. The DEFCON level is maintained by the Secretary of Defense.

Current DEFCON Level:


DEFCON Levels explained:

  • DEFCON 1 (Code BLACK) - Maximum readiness.
  • DEFCON 2 (Code RED) - Intense readiness.
  • DEFCON 3 (Code YELLOW) - Heightened readiness.
  • DEFCON 4 (Code BLUE) - Above normal readiness.
  • DEFCON 5 (Code GREEN) - Normal readiness.

Department of Defense



The Department of Defense is the Executive Department tasked with ensuring the White House is safe. This is accomplished by assessing threats and potential threats, monitoring fake badges, managing the BoS and NP lists, as well as managing the Intelligence Service and coordinating with the Secret Service to provide security for events. Moreover, one of the Department’s major tasks is managing the DEFCON (Defense Readiness Condition) Levels; these indicate the White House’s level of readiness to respond to an attack. All of these tasks are shared and divided between the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense is the Secretary charged with the oversight and management of the Department of Defense. The current Secretary of Defense is ‘Avanzati’. The Secretary reports to the President and Chief of Staff on all matters.



Fakes Badges are used to try and gain access to HQ illegally. There are many accounts on the Habbo floor that have created almost-identical groups, and as such, as register has been created to recognize these badges and their owners. The owners of these Fake Badges are a threat to the White House and can, therefore, be placed on the Ban on Sight list. Furthermore, if you discover a fake badge that is not currently on the below register, please inform the Department of Defense!

If you spot someone with a Fake Badge, please fill out the form found HERE.
Click HERE to view the registered Fake Badges.



Terrorists are people who have been charged with terrorism and later found guilty by the courts. Terrorists are people who have conducted actions such as (but not limited to) trashing and illegal warfare. Terrorists are placed on the Ban on Sight list, and can also be placed on the National Punishment list.

Click HERE to view the terrorist list.



The Condemnation of Illegal Warfare Treaty (CIW-T) is a treaty amongst several militaries and agencies that aims to condemn. The treaty has a list of individuals and groups who are confirmed Illegal Warfare Operators and therefore cannot be employed, aided nor endorsed by any signed agency of military of the treaty.

The names of these individuals and groups can be found HERE.

The CIW-T order can be found HERE.



Internet Safety Guide
This guide outlines how to stay safe on the internet.

Mafia Protection Guide
This guide outlines information about mafias and how to be safe around them.

Anonymous Tips
It can be used if people would like to submit anonymous tips to the Department of Defense about any necessary matters whilst still remaining anonymous (unknown).

Defense Act 2019
This statute outlines the various procedures for handling terrorism within our organization. This statute also outlines the various digital security offences and detention procedures as well as introduces Judicial Oversight on Ban on Sight and National Punishment additions. 

Ban on Sight List
The Ban on Sight (BoS) list is a list of individuals and groups who are legally prohibited from being employed at the White House and being in any White House-registered room.

National Punishment List
The National Punishment (NP) list is a list of individuals and groups who are legally prohibited from being employed at the White House and any organisation the White House is employed with.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Department of Defense, please contact 'Avanzati', 'carlotta513' or 'Andrew00.' on Habbo, or send them a message on the website. 

You may also submit a Freedom of Information request by clicking HERE.

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