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Welcome to the Habbo White House Website. Established in 2010, we are one of the oldest organisations on Habbo Hotel. We provide our employees with a safe, friendly and fun environment to express themselves in tasks, chat and anything else their imagination can dream. We have a strong community of 71 employees (excluding Low Ranks). Our governance structure is based on the United States of America with the President and Vice President providing overall leadership.

The White House is a democractic organisation. We don't sell ranks for credits - you can only climb the ladder through your own hard work. The President and Vice President are elected together every 2 months by White House employees. All employees may vote in an election.

Manifesto Checklist

The Manifesto Checklist is an Administration controlled checklist of their goals for their time in office. It should contain a full list of what goals they have and their current status.

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Executive is the principle branch of the Habbo White House. They head departments and oversee the running of the White House.

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Congress is the legislative branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to create and debate laws to improve the White House.

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Judicial is the judiciary branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to hold trials and prosecute members.

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Secret Service

Secret Service is the security branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to recruit and protect the White House.

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Presidential Approval Rating


24 Votes


7 Votes


8 Votes

Concluded 21/JUN/2021

Upcoming Events

Pride Ball

Host: Office of Public Engagement

Time: 5 Days to go

The Pride Ball will be a celebration of the things we have achieved this month! We will have games and prizes during the ball! We hope you can attend!

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Most Recent Poll

Should our Director of Secret Service (Solicitate) be the only branch leader to write poems every week?

Concluded 26/05/2021 12:30 AM BST